What do I charge?

Frankly, that depends on your individual needs. No writing job is the same!

As a rough guide, the basic medium hourly rate for copywriters is around the $55-$100/hour mark. Top end is around $250/hour. Rates include:

  • the time taken
  • any outgoings associated with your particular job
  • time spent chatting
  • taking of a detailed brief
  • basic graphic design (and I mean basic) for presentation purposes
  • concept development
  • all drafts
  • draft revisions x 2
  • proofing
  • delivery of a polished and gleaming final product.

I am happy to negotiate rates based on your budget for all website content, articles, flyers, proofreading, SEO, editing, blogging, ghost writing, direct emails, social media and any other content you require. I am happy to quote per project, rather than per hour, if that suits us both.

Here’s an article that may illuminate the dark room that is copywriting fees, for your perusal.

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