Poop N Bum Publishing was dreamed up by two book loving, absurd little girls growing up in Gippsland in the early 1980’s. Their fathers’ version of swearing while not actually swearing was to yell, red faced, “POOP N BUM!!!!” when the proverbial hammer hit his thumb and knew his girls were in earshot.

The girls would dissolve into the unbridled hysterical laughter of the young and ridiculous, knowing what he really wanted to say, and generally thinking that rude words like poop and bum were funny. Because they are. The girls went on to decide that when they “grew up”, they would begin a publishing company together, and they would call it Poop N Bum Publishing, juxtaposing the absurd with the serious corporate world.

Years on, with the writing urge too strong to ignore, and no longer satisfied by Facebook posts alone, one of these girls, Melanie Bateson, decided to start blogging. The name of her blog was a no brainer, much to her sister’s delight.

Melanie is a writer who has finally decided to get serious about her craft. Recently employed as a blogger in the Health and Wellness sphere, guest editor and contributor for a local magazine, The Hillscene, and writing articles that resonate on this blog are her versions of living the dream. Whether she is managing social media for business or local community sport, or reviewing Shakespeare, as long as Melanie is writing, she is happy.