PnB Publishing was dreamed up by two book loving, absurd sisters growing up in Gippsland in the early 1980’s. Their fathers’ version of swearing while not actually swearing was to yell “POOP N BUM!!!!” when the proverbial hammer hit his thumb and he knew his girls were in earshot.

The girls would dissolve into the unbridled hysterical laughter of the young and ridiculous, believing that words like poop and bum were hilarious. Because they are. The girls went on to decide that when they “grew up”, they would begin a publishing company together, and they would call it Poop N Bum Publishing.

One of these nutters is Melanie Bateson, a writer who has finally decided to get serious about her craft. The name of her business was a no brainer. Her freelancing career has included writing copy for a blog in the Health and Wellness sphere, guest editing and producing articles for a local magazine, and writing pieces that resonate. As long as she is writing, Melanie is happy.