Image Credit Anne Taintor
  1. If They Know I Get PMS, Why Are They Still Shocked Every Month?
  2. Closing Doors Behind You – Yes You CAN Do It!
  3. If You’re Not In A Room And A Light Is Still On, Does The Electricity Cost More?
  4. How Your God Given Talent For Arguing With Your Sibling Over Dishes Can Lead To A Successful Political Career!
  5. I Showed A Person How To Vacuum Twelve Hundred Times (Without Resorting To Violence)
  6. If We Don’t Have Time To Weed The Garden, Why Didn’t We Buy A Townhouse?
  7. Toothpaste In The Basin – The Origins Story
  8. How I Learned To Ignore The Build Up Of Grunge On My Oven, And Live Again
  9. So Your Dog Got Out Again, And Other Neighborhood Stories

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