Do I wash that gray right out of my hair?!

I’m going grey. I thought this was ok with me. It turns out it isn’t.  After I had Miss 5, I noticed there were some white and silver bits of hair appearing on the old noggin.  I thought it was charming.  Fool.

Some 3 years ago, I made an outlandish (hindsight is 20/20) statement to the only person ON EARTH who would remember or care. Yes, I told The Groom that I thought folk who attempted to hide their age by dying their hair various shades of brown and black were RIDICULOUS. I made a vow, yes, a vow, that I would NEVER join their ranks. I would, so help me God, never dye my hair again.

Jesus, there are times when I would just shut the hell up. Flash forward to 2015, and I’m in a fair bit of deep shit on this one. It’s been an unusually stressful couple of years. Like, really soul achingly, brain ouchy full on.  And, you know, the body can only take so much stress before it shows. In all manner of ways. Including…white and silver. As a gold girl, this is stressful on so many, many levels. I’m all metal clash. Now I just need add some rose gold into the equation, and I’m a goddam Russian wedding ring. Ripper.

So the question is, obviously, do I go back on my word and wash that nasty shit away with a bit of Clairol magic? Do I continue what appears to be a very freaking slippery slope into graydom? Is it grey or gray? Why is this happening to me? When will my pubes follow suit? I’ve already noticed some silver bastard hairs in my eyebrows. This can’t be a good sign.

Bugger me and my outlandish statements, how old do I have to get before I learn to THINK before I speak?!?!?!

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